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Kennebec Lake is located in Central Frontenac, off highway 7, north of Arden, Ont (approximately 20 km west of Sharbot Lake). The lake is approximately 14 km long and is "home" to over 200 seasonal and permanent residents.

The Kennebec Lake Association is a group formed to represent residents of the Kennebec watershed. Its mission is to preserve and enhance:

  • Water Quality
  • Air Quality
  • Peace and Tranquility
  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Lifestyle

    The association acts to monitor the health of the lake and its ecosystems, organize community events, monitor lake issues such as taxes, interface with Municipal council and generally keep both seasonal and year-round residents informed of important developments.

    Recent Updates - Oct 2018

    Municipal Election 2018

    Don't forget to vote in the 2018 municipal election.

    Seasonal property owners on Kennebec Lake can vote in the 2018 Central Frontenac Municipal Election Online or by Telephone in addition to voting at their permanent residence. For more info please see:
    Central Frontenac - Municipal election 2018

    Go take a Hike on Kennebec Wilderness Trails

    The Kennebec Wilderness Trails are now officially open. Information and a map of the trails can be found on the KLA website under the "Recreation" tab, along with info on how to upload a copy of the map to your cellphone. We would like to have a lot of people using the trails in order to help get them established.

    More details about the trails can be found at: Official Opening Kennebec Wilderness Trails

    A Facebook Group has been created for "Kennebec Wilderness Trails" where people can share their photos and experiences on the trails.

    Latest Newsletter

    The Summer 2018 newsletter is available online. KLA Newsletters (current and back issues) can be accessed via the "KLA Newsletters" menu item on the left side of this home page or by going to http://kennebeclake.ca/newsletters and scrolling to current newsletter. Below the link to the newsletter are links to online information referred to in the newsletter. Back issues of the newsletter, going all the way back to issue 1, are available on our site.

    Drinking Water testing

    Some information about getting your drinking water tested has been added at the very top of our water page (http://kennebeclake.ca/water)

    NOTICE: Highway 7 Bridge Replacement & traffic disruption

    The 1932 vintage Salmon River bridge on Hwy #7 just west of the Arden/Henderson intersection is being replaced in the summer of 2018. Several months ago, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) engaged the services of Looby Construction Limited to complete a detail design and construction for the replacement of the bridge.

    During the construction, Hwy #7 will be down to a single lane and east/west traffic will be controlled by temporary traffic lights. Because of the proximity to the bridge to Arden and Henderson Roads, temporary traffic lights will also be installed to control north and south bound traffic on these two roads.

    Seedlings for Shorelines

    Quinte Conservation is once again offering the KLA several species of wild flowers, trees and shrubs for shoreline planting. Attached is a PDF provided by Quinte’s Conservation Education Coordinator promoting the program. Below are the specific species and quantities of seedlings that KLA has ordered on your behalf - a total of 175 seedlings. Please refer to
    Kennebec Lake Info - Seedlings for Shorelines for more information.

    see also Quinte Conservation Info - Seedlings for Shorelines

    Call to combat Phragmites australis

    Phragmites australis is regarded as our most invasive plant in Canada.
    Call for action on Phragmites australis


    Kennebec Lake is now on Facebook: Kennebec Lake Facebook group

    Love Your Lake

    Kennebec Lake will be particpating in a Love Your Lakes program in the summer of 2018. Please see http://kennebeclake.ca/lyl.

    Septic Systems

    We have added a new area for Septic Information on the Kennebec Lake website. Please go to http://kennebeclake.ca/septic

    Water Levels

    The Kennebec lake water level data is updated up until July 31, 2017 and is available online:
    Kennebec Lake Relative Water Levels 2006 to July 31, 2017

    Kennebec Lake Water Levels: Highs and Lows 2006 to July 2017

    The following calendar provides information for events in Arden:
    Arden Community Calendar

    Front Page photo: Marc and Rachel Villemaire sailing in "the narrows". Photo by Noreen Dertinger

  • Marc and Rachel Villemaire sailing in "the narrows". Photo by Noreen Dertinger