Canadian Lakes Loon Survey – Getting Started/Data entry Webinar

Hi Canadian Lakes Loon Survey Folks.

Thanks you for your continued support and participation in the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey.

Some of you have managed to register for the 2020 Canadian Lakes Loon Survey Season, some of you have chosen to wait for 2021, other's are figuring out the new system and learning how to enter data.

To assist you I am offering a how to webinar next Wednesday night at 7:30 EST. You will be able to watch the webinar via Zoom or via my personal facebook page ( . In addition, Larissa Simulik and I have been working on a how to protocol that I am happy to share with you upon request.

If you would like to attend the webinar register at .

Whether you can attend or not feel free to click on the registration link and add your questions so that we can address them during the webinar. You can either watch live or later review the recording on facebook.

Here is the basic webinar agenda:
Welcome, Introduction, Housekeeping
The New CLLS website system
o Signing up vs signing in
o Ensuring your profile is up to date/ addresses
o Annual registration popup.
o Accessing forms and instructions (you don t have to enter data online).
Data entry
o Creating a form
o the three steps to finding your lake, tips and concerns
o incorrect lake information.
o Errors that prevent you moving forward.
o Large Young, how to report.
Question and Answer session.

I look forward to chatting with you during the webinar.

Kathy Jones, M.Sc.F. (WFH)
Volunteer Manager
Birds Canada/Oiseaux Canada
888-448-2473 ext. 124 (I do receive phone calls and voice mails)