Guide to Eating Sport Fish

by Gray Merriam

Guide to Eating Kennebec Sport Fish

2013-2014 Guidelines for Eating Sport Fish is available as hard copy and at
Page 69 suggests no more than 8 meals per month of pike between 14 " and 22". Larger fish
have had more time to accumulate toxins. Fish sizes included depend on sizes caught in
the sampling, hence those few really big pike are not listed but you can guess that they
are not the best to eat.

Walleye (pickerel) between 10" and 18" can be eaten up to 8 times per month but if
between 18" and 22" that ration drops to 4 meals per month and longer fish only twice per

Smallmouth between 6" and 10" can be eaten up to 8 times, between 10" and 16", only 4
times. Largemouth from 8" to 12" are allowed 8 times and above 12" only 4 times per

Unlikely, but cisco between 10" and 16" can be eaten 8 times per month.

All of these suggested amounts are reduced significantly for women of child-bearing age
and children under 15.

The guidelines are all based solely on mercury found in muscle of fish sampled by the
Ministry of the Environment. The mercury is from natural sources in the rocks and the
air. That mercury attaches to organic particles in the water, settles and is converted to
methylmerury which is readily taken up by the fish.

Other contaminants from industrial sources were not measured because they are known to be
rare in inland lakes without local or upwind industrial sources. Results for fish from
the Bay of Quinte and other Great Lakes locations are significantly different and should
be checked in the 2013-2014 Guidelines.

Gray Merriam