KLA News - June 23-2020

Kennebec Lake Association News

Hello Fellow Kennebecers,
We hope that you are doing well and that along with your family, you are enjoying the recent progress Ontario has been making toward more normal conditions in the province.
We would like to share some new Kennebec information with and hope that you find it helpful.

1. Annual General Meeting

Despite the recent progress in the province in overcoming the COVID-19 virus, in the interests of everyone’s health and well-being, we have regretfully made the determination to cancel this year’s AGM. The AGM had been scheduled for August 8th and now losing this, along with the previously cancelled July Flotilla and Barbecue, means that two of our 2020 key events will have been lost to COVID-19.
Further information will be shared later around managing the impact of this cancellation and its implications.

2. Website Update (www.kennebeclake.ca)

We are very pleased to invite you all to take a few minutes to tour our updated webpage. We have been adding important links as well as a new membership page that will make new and renewing membership easy. The page includes our new credit card link facilitated through FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations) that will allow membership fee payment by Visa or Mastercard.

We are delighted to have this option in place and confident that those who use it will find it both simple and convenient. We will continue to update our site over the coming months, including the provision of a process for using e-transfers for fee payment along with other mechanisms to reflect the needs of our members, so please let us know if there are other links that would be useful.
Certainly, we are grateful for the hard work of our Webmaster, Noreen Dertinger as she continues to manage the page and for her leadership in guiding its ongoing development.

3. Facebook Page

The KLA Facebook page continues to be an increasingly important social communication tool for our lake community! In an effort to make its ongoing operation clearer for all, we have expanded our page definition and included a few simple rules for ensuring its successful growth. We are extremely pleased with the hard work of Nadine and Helena in guiding the evolution of the KLA Facebook page and making it a stronger social platform.

4. Loon Nest

As has been shared on Facebook, it has been reported to us that two loons have been tending to eggs in a nest on the north side of Green Island in the east basin. Everyone’s cooperation is respectfully requested by refraining from going onto the small island and by exercising boating practices in the area that do not inflict stress on the loons.

5. KLA Clothing

A reminder that orders for KLA clothing need to be received by July 13th. Some viewers in the KLA Facebook group have inquired about samples of the clothing and normally this would be done at the AGM. This year, with the AGM having now been cancelled, anyone who wishes to see some of the items is invited to contact Judy Kennedy at 613 335-3606 to arrange to view available samples.

A final thought as we try our best to enjoy these hot summer days while surrounded by the plague of voracious gypsy moth caterpillars mercilessly attacking our trees. Mother Nature continues to give us all we can handle. Eventually this too shall pass, our trees will re-foliate and we can all rejoice in our good fortune to be here on Kennebec Lake!
Thank you all and please continue to be safe while enjoying our lake,

Doc Maiorino
KLA Executive