Kennebec Lake Parkland Trails



Located on a 156-acre tract of public parkland owned by the Township of Central Frontenac, the Kennebec Wilderness Trails offer four seasons of outdoor recreational activity, hiking, birding and snow-shoeing. The trail network consists of over 7 kilometers of hiking trails winding through a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees. The valley meadows, wooded hillsides and rocky ridges are home to an abundance of wildlife. The terrain is rugged and undulating in many areas, offering a challenging hike for all ages. The trails can be accessed at Trailheads located at 28786 Highway # 7 and on Nordic Road in the Kennebec Shores Waterfront Community.

This beautiful public parkland is located north of the hamlet of Arden and just south of Kennebec Lake, halfway between Sharbot Lake and Kaladar. The Main Trailhead at 28786 Hwy # 7 is located 1.5 kilometres east of the Arden and Henderson Roads/Highway #7 intersection. The secondary Trailhead is located on Nordic Rd, 0.8 km east of Henderson Rd, just over 1 km north of the Hwy 7 and Henderson Rd intersection.

Important Trail Notes
No motorized vehicles, camping, hunting or fires
Use Caution, uneven terrain, unsupervised
Dogs must be on a leash at all times
Daylight use only
Please pack out what you bring in.
(CF Bylaw #2018-40)

An Online map can be viewed and saved on smartphones at:

Kennebec Lake Wilderness Trails info and photos

Carry a Cell phone, hike with a buddy
Carry water
Proper hiking footwear is recommended due to terrain
Do not approach wildlife-Bear, Moose, Deer, Coyote, Fox, Wild Turkeys and Porcupines are known to inhabit these woods from time to time. They will try to avoid you if they know you are coming.

These trails are cared for by community volunteers. Please help us keep them clean and enjoy your hike!

Kennebec Wilderness trails map