Water Sampling

By Peter and Gloria Smiley

Each spring members of the Stewardship Committee of your Lake Association conduct sampling of the water in Kennebec Lake at 2 locations. One is at the deepest hole in the lake (approximately 30 metres deep) just past the narrows in the east basin and the other is just outside the opening to the bay where the Salmon River flows out of the lake (approximately 9 metres deep) in the west basin. These samples are sent to the Dorset Environmental Science Centre (DESC) which partners with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for analysis of these water samples. Once a month, from May to October, these volunteers from your Lake Association measure water clarity at these 2 locations as well, results of which are sent to DESC at the end of the season.

“DESC plays a critical supporting role in the Ministry of Natural Resources’ Broad Scale Monitoring program by analysing spring water samples taken from lakes all across the province in the Dorset Water Chemistry Laboratory. Broad Scale Monitoring (BSM) is an important aspect of MNR’s Ecological Framework for Fisheries Management adopted in 2004 as the plan for managing the province’s fisheries resources.” (direct quote from the DESC website)

One of the benefits to us is that we gain knowledge about the health of our lake. The results are posted on the DESC website for all the lakes that are sampled. For a detailed description of how the sampling is done, what the results are, and how to interpret the results follow the link below.

Dorset Environmental Science Centre