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Kennebec Lake is located in Central Frontenac, off highway 7, north of Arden, Ont (approximately 20 km west of Sharbot Lake). The lake is approximately 14 km long and is "home" to over 200 seasonal and permanent residents.

The Kennebec Lake Association is a group formed to represent residents of the Kennebec watershed. Its mission is to preserve and enhance:

  • Water Quality
  • Air Quality
  • Peace and Tranquility
  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Lifestyle

    The association acts to monitor the health of the lake and its ecosystems, organize community events, monitor lake issues such as taxes, interface with Municipal council and generally keep both seasonal and year-round residents informed of important developments.

    Recent Updates - Spring 2017

    Latest Newsletter

    The Spring 2017 newsletter is now available online. KLA Newsletters (current and back issues) can be accessed via the "KLA Newsletters" menu item on the left side of this home page.

    Water Levels

    January 6, 2017: The low water level advisory has ended.
    Kennebec Lake Low Water Level Advisory ended - January 2017

    In the summer of 2016 Kennebec Lake experienced historically low water levels and was under a "Low Water Conditions Level 3" advisory. For more details see
    Kennebec Lake Low Water Level Overview

    The Kennebec lake water level data is updated up until October 2016 and are available online:
    Kennebec Lake Relative Water Levels 2006 to 2016

    Kennebec Lake Water Levels: Highs and Lows 2006 to 2016

    Feature Photo: Unusually low water levels reveal rare 'Rock Croc' profile

    The following calendar provides information for events in Arden:
    Arden Community Calendar

    Front Page photo:"Wake Robin" trillium photographed by N. Dertinger

  • "Wake Robin" trillium in Crooked Creek photographed by N. Dertinger