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August 19, 2020

Annual General Meeting

Despite the recent progress in the province in overcoming the COVID-19 virus, in the interests of everyone’s health and well-being, we have regretfully made the determination to cancel this year’s AGM. The AGM had been scheduled for August 8th, 2020. Here are the
2019 - 2020 KLA AGM reports The 2021 AGM is scheduled for August 14th, 2021.


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2021 Kennebec Lake calendar

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Earth Overshoot Day will be August 13, 2020
On that day humanity's demand on nature will exceed what earth's ecosystems can produce in one year.
In the year just past – the Covid 19 year our forest products footprint decreased by 8.4%. Our carbon footprint decreased by 14.5% and our food footprint was unchanged. For more information go to: Earth Overshoot Day

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Loon sightings - Kennebec Lake 2020

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News from the KLA President - June 23, 2020

KLA President's news: June 23, 2020