Guidelines for submitting photos for the Kennebec Lake website and calendars

Kennebec Lake residents, cottagers and guests are invited to submit photos to be considered for publication on the Kennebec Lake website and future calendars.

Here are some guidelines for submitting photos:

  • All photos must have been taken by you or you must have the permission of the photographer to submit it.
  • When you submit photo(s), please provide the date and location of the photo, as well as a brief description to help us in creating an informative caption
  • Photos should be high-resolution. If your camera or phone takes photos that are 4 megapixels or greater, then your photo’s resolution should be sufficient.
  • To be considered for the calendar, photos need to have a landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  • The exposure of the photo should not be too dark or too light.
  • While we welcome submissions of photos from all seasons, winter photos are especially welcome as we don't receive many.
  • To submit photos please send them by email.